Behind that university and cultured seriousness, lies a fun city full of "treasures" to discover on an "adventurous" trip, without rest, where you can have fun, be fascinated, and be scared…

Below, we suggest some activities to do if you come to the city with your family, with your children:

- A stroll through the city’s historic Centre, discovering the details carved into the walls of its monuments’ facades. You can do this through set games such as “Salamanca in details” which you can get free of charge from the Municipal Tourist Office.

- There is a Salamanca Heritage Interpretation Center with a large scale model of the historic center on which it is projected a video show with simple explanations for children and it also has touch screen monitors.

Art Nouveau & Art Deco Museum; it contains a curious collection of porcelain dolls, robot action figures and toys that kids will love. It is located in a modernist building with colored stained-glasses.

- Visit the Automotive History Museum, an exhibition space that includes more than 200 vehicles as well as documents and accessories related to the automobile.

-  The collection Fascinating gadgets shows different animation and projection systems in a fun tour where it can discovered how a magic lantern or a zoetrope works.

- At the Museum of Trade and Industry you can show your children  inventions and innovations that in the past solved the problems of manufacturers, sellers and consumers.

Furthermore, the city can be visited easily just walking, but if you prefer, you can take the tourist train, departing from Anaya square and you also have the possibility of renting a bike.  If the weather is nice, it is a good idea to head down to the dock -located between the Hierro and the Roman bridges – taking a stroll along the river.

And finally you cannot miss an ice cream in the Main Square in summer or a chocolate with “churros” in winter.