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Salamanca cuisine has a wide offer.

Among the many products that this city possesses there are the Iberian ham, Armuña lentils, wines from Arribes and morucha meat.

Although it is also famous for typical dishes such as “hornazo”, “farinato”, “patatas meneas”, cold cuts, “calderillo” and for those who have a sweet teeth, desserts such as the “bollo maimón”, “amarguillos”, “chochos de yema” and “rosquillas de Ledesma”.

The pork is a basic animal in Salamanca cuisine as both the Iberian ham and the “chorizo” enjoy a well-deserved fame worldwide for their flavor.

Another product very present in Salamanca cuisine is the “Hornazo”, a type of pasty of drier dough, stuffed with chorizo, fried loin, hard-boiled egg, bacon, ham, etc.

It is found throughout the year in bakeries and pastry shops. You cannot leave Salamanca without trying it!